Thursday, September 5, 2013

Too Much Theory!

So! I'm back... Labour Day Weekend was interesting, but nothing really to talk about, so I won't.

Tuesday was back to school, but only for a couple of hours as we still had an afternoon to finish our interviews for the first module, and then we got sized for our uniforms. So I was home by 11, which was so nice! I finished up the worksheet and did a little reorganization of my papers, and read (for fun) the rest of the afternoon!

Yesterday was a bit more difficult. We jumped into module #3 (they don't often go in chronological order) which is Traitement de matières premières, which is dealing with raw materials. We were learning how to convert measurements between metric and imperial, temperatures between Celsius and Fahrenheit, and how to calculate the cost of the raw materials in a recipe. Metric and Imperial, I don't get. Everything else I was fine with, and actually had fun doing the exercises. Part of the problem with the weights was my calculator, which didn't have a big enough display screen, so I was missing numbers, etc. Needless to say, I switched calculators as soon as I got home.

Today... Today was long. We started Hygiène, salubrité et sécurité (hygiene, health and safety) with our other teacher. He is from France so he has a slightly different accent, and he speaks/reads very fast. Most of the material is common sense, but there was so much information, so fast, and words I didn't necessarily recognize right away, so all day I felt like I was a beat or two behind my peers. I have always had difficulty taking notes in class because I can't listen to new information and be writing what I just heard. But it's 10 times worse in French. I am not looking forward to the exam for this module, which could be as early as next Thursday! :( Tomorrow will be the same as today, but then it will be the weekend and I will be able to rest my brain. Maybe.

But next week, we start in the kitchen! Eeek! :) At least for a couple days. That's exciting. Must hem my uniform over the weekend...

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