Saturday, September 14, 2013


Friday we started a new cooking module, Traditional Cakes. This is the longest module, it goes until Christmas, because we will be using it in other modules as well. And we made mocha cake! Something I have never made, eaten, or thought about before! But it turned out beautiful and delicious! :)

First we made a genoise cake, which is just a simple type of sponge cake - sugar, eggs, and flour. Then we mixed up a butter cream with a meringue base. Yum! So full and smooth, mmm. We added coffee liqueur to the butter cream, and to the caramel syrup we made earlier in the week. Then we split the cake into 3 layers, soaking each layer with the coffee flavoured syrup and spreading with a layer of butter cream. Then we coated and smoothed the entire cake with butter cream, using the funky triangle tool to make the pretty lines around the side, and some piping and voila! I was very pleased with how mine turned out.

We took it to my aunt and uncle's for supper, and the 6 of us managed to inhale it in a rather short amount of time, it was that good. I was happy it tasted as good as it looked - just because something looks good doesn't mean it tastes great, right? But it did. :)

Roasted almonds around the bottom... You can see at the left where I smudged the icing as I was putting it in the box. :(




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