Monday, September 9, 2013

First Production Day!

We were in the lab all day today - woohoo! We made 1 of each of the following pies: strawberry, cherry, and blueberry. I was super impressed with my fillings, I think they turned out pretty much perfect. The pie dough, however... not so sure. Guess I'll find out tomorrow when we bake them!

My favourite part of today was definitely making the fillings from scratch. That, and watching our teacher do the demonstrations. Pastry is an art form, and our teachers are real artists. Watching them is mesmerizing!

So the way things work, as far as bringing home "samples" goes, is that we have to buy anything we want to take home, and we each have first dibs to buy anything we make. But, because the school has a little pastry shop, we do have to at least try to leave some things to be put for sale in the store, so there is something for the lovely clients!

I am super tired. It was a good day, but my feet are killing me. Tomorrow we'll be baking our pies, so hopefully there will be some pictures to share! And I plan on buying at least one of them! :D

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