Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Clean Up

I forgot to mention yesterday that at some point over the weekend/Monday, our freezer at school had an issue, so technicians were called in. They, however, failed to start the freezer back up when they left, so... chaos ensued! Things were thawing out and there was flooding in the locker room below and it was awful! Not all that was in the freezer was lost, they were able to save a few things, which are temporarily living in the butchers' freezer. And so, the lovely little confection called Paris-Brest that I had put in the freezer, planning to bring home today... is now spoiled. But I think we'll be making more at some point, so I will eventually get a picture of one.

Today we were only in the kitchen in the morning because we had theory in the afternoon. And everyone had lots of bits and pieces of leftover pie dough kicking around the refrigerator, as well as various leftover fillings and toppings, so today was clean-out-the-fridge day! I had some of the filling left to make another apple tart like the ones we made yesterday, and I made another Bolduc tart like yesterday - I brought this one home and got a picture of it (victory!). And then I decided to revisit an older recipe, and make the pistachio-cherry tart we had made at the beginning - so I finally got a picture of that one, too! :)

The teacher gave us extra time for lunch, so a couple of my friends and I decided to take advantage of the weather while it's still somewhat nice out, so we had a little picnic on a park bench at a stop sign... It was amusing to see the reactions of people... :) And then this afternoon we were in theory working on Treatment of Raw Materials again. We had a little paper to write and some cost calculation exercises to do, and that's it.




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