Saturday, January 12, 2013

Day 12 of the Less 365 Things Challenge

I only started today, on the 12th, but I wanted to get caught up right away, so since this is technically the 12th day of the year, that's how I'm entitling the entry.

I mentioned in my last post that one of my goals for 2013 was to do the Less 365 Things challenge. And today I had a burst of energy and some motivation, so I dug right into my closet and the piles of clothes lying around my room. The result? Voila...

Sorry it's not turned the right way...

I managed to part with 18 skirts, 6 pairs of pants, 3 shirts, 5 sweaters, 5 blazers/jackets, 4 belts, and a purse. Whew! I think I've more than covered 12 days' worth of stuff to give away... I will most likely donate most of it to the second-hand store where I spent the last 6 months working. The things I know they wouldn't/couldn't sell, I will send somewhere else or stick on the Women's Centre's giveaway table! Feels good... :)

I still have my dresser to go through, and some clothes in storage, but I think I did really well today. Especially considering I was out of the house all afternoon! In the process of clearing out these clothes, I also started re-organizing my closet. Maybe I'll take some pics of that process as well, although I really don't want to share publicly what state my room is in! NBBI's Dean of Women would be appalled - haha! I bought a large bookcase today, so part of the re-organization of my room will involve moving things around to fit that in, and then filling it up (which shouldn't take very long at all...)!

Well, that is all for now! Will check in again when there's something else worth mentioning! :)

Happy New Year 2013

Wow. 2013! I know, I'm a little late getting around to it, since we're already 11 days in, but at least it's still January, right? :) I should have been doing this between Christmas and New Year, but I was having a difficult time right then, and just starting to feel better now, so...

Let's see... A summary of 2012 would probably be a good place to start. I started out the year by passing the one year mark of full-time work at GCRH, which was pretty exciting. Then in April I got laid off, and that wasn't so exciting. I decided to go ahead and finally take the Pastry course I've been dreaming of taking for some time, but found out I'd have to wait until Autumn 2013 to start, so then I started job searching and found this 6-month contract with the local Women's Centre at their second hand clothing store. In July I joined Compassion Canada on an exposure trip to Haiti where I was able to meet Ismelanda, a 15 year old girl I've been writing to for a couple of years - that was very exciting! In August I celebrated my 25th birthday. I didn't really do anything special, and it kind of went by without much ado, but 25 is a pretty big deal to me. Where has the time gone?! Seems like yesterday I was 18, or 21... Aaaand, that about sums up 2012 for me!

Now, about those resolutions... I always give myself way too many things and fail miserably at most if not all. My resolutions for 2012 were kind of in 2 parts. I wanted to try doing 30-day challenges for the year. I had some Facebook friends who had done it the year before, and I thought it sounded like an interesting challenge - you only have to commit to 30 days! This was much, much harder than you would expect it to be. And then I also had some general goals for the year. So, my 30-day challenges, to be completed in no particular order, were:
(a) No internet/Facebook
(b) No chocolate/soda
(c) Regular journaling/blogging
(d) Writing physical letters/notes to friends
(e) Take 1 photograph a day
(f) Be creative for 30min/day OR make something every day
(g) Reading for 30min/day
(h) Exercise for 30min/day
(i) No TV/movies
(j) Practice piano for 15min/day
(k) Not spending money on myself
(l) Spending at least 15min/day outside

In the end I only attempted about 3, and failed them all. My other goals for the year were:
(1) Read throught the Bible
(2) Read 52 books
(3) Lose weight (specific number that I don't wish to share)
(4) Raise money for Haiti

I did raise most of the money for Haiti, and I read well over 52 books, so I consider those goals to be successes. I actually did not even attempt to read through the Bible, which I'm quite ashamed of. My attempt at losing weight was to try the C25K challenge, which I was doing quite well with, for a few weeks. So that was a partial success. I didn't lose any weight, but I was exercising regularly. I should try in again.

For 2013, I'm going to try to be a bit more realistic about my goals/resolutions. This year I'd like to try the Less365 challenge. I've been feeling overwhelmed by the amount of possessions I have and I keep saying I'm going to clean up my room or whatever, but I never do because there's just too much stuff to fit, you know? And it's really hard to just get rid of stuff. So anyway, starting small, my goal this year would be to get rid of 1 thing every day for the year. It could be to go to garbage or to goodwill, but storage doesn't count - it has to be leaving the house and my possession. I haven't started yet, but this next week I will probably start looking over my wardrobe. There will probably be lots there to give away - things that don't fit anymore, or that I just don't like or wouldn't wear if they did fit. So that's my major goal for the year.

My second goal is not to lose weight, but just to have a healthier attitude toward food, and life in general. Incorporate more fruits and vegetables into my diet, substitute water for soft drinks more often, etc. And make an effort to get outside more and walk.

I have a few other personal goals, as I do every year - to read through the Bible, cross off some of the books on my To Read list... And I guess that's it! Hope you all had a happy and healthy Christmas season, and that 2013 is a safe and profitable year for you!

Friday, January 11, 2013

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Not really sure why I didn't end up posting this on the 25th, but I thought I'd better do that before moving on to talk of New Year. :)

...Ahh, Christmas. It's a beautiful time. We have some lovely fluffy white snow, everyone's healthy, God is good.

Yesterday my sister and her family came to have Christmas with us. I wanted to get my nephews fun stuff that they enjoy, but I want to share my love of reading with them as well. So I bought them games for their DS players, and Roald Dahl books. :) They seemed pretty happy with them. For the last few years I've tried to make handmade ornaments for them every Christmas. Up until now I made them both the same thing, but this year I decided to try to do something specific to them. My younger nephew, D, loves tractors and his favourite colour is orange, so that was a pretty easy decision - an orange tractor! I liked the way it turned out (I'm always pleased when I make up my own patterns/designs and they don't look completely retarded in the end). I had asked A way back in October, probably, what he wanted for an ornament, but he didn't know and gave me some generic answer so I'd leave him alone. But then a week or so ago my sister suggested I try to make Geronimo Stilton - a character from his favourite book series. I thought that was a pretty cool idea, so I gave it a shot. It didn't take me very long at all, but it felt like it took ages because I wanted it to look just right. I didn't think I liked it at the end, but then I left them on the tree for the kids to find, and A knew who it was right away and thought it was pretty cool and ran off to show everyone. So, talented Auntie wins again! ;) Only thing I was missing was his glasses, and that was an easy fix. :)

I did alright for Christmas gifts, too. The nephews gave me these sweet cupcake ornaments - they're so cool! Someday I'm going to have a white Christmas tree full of just cupcake ornaments. :) And I got 3 books that were on my wishlish, one I opened early and read in a day. *blush* Looking forward to getting into the others! And I got some money, which I'm using to buy a tablet! This is very exciting for me because I never get new gadgets. My brother always buys cool stuff before me. He had a discman before me, mp3 player, cell phone, car... This is mostly because I'm a tight pocket. So anyway, I'm pretty excited. I also bought myself a new laptop last week. I know, sounds like I'm rich, dropping all this cash. But I've been working for like 6 months and haven't really been spending it. I spent a LOT on Christmas gifts, and now I'm treating myself, too! My old laptop was just about dead. I intended to trade it in, but there was a miscommunication and so they ended up cleaning it up for me so it works a lot better. But it's still a really small, slow computer. Not sure what I'm going to do with it. I needed an update and something that would be a bit more useful to me when I go back to school in the fall. Not that I'll really be needing to do a ton of schoolwork in a Pastry course, but you know... good excuse... :)