Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Day 92 of 365 Less Things

I've been awful at keeping this up to date, and I really honestly have no clue if I've gotten rid of 92 things so far or not, but I'm gonna go with yes. I also don't have pictures today. But since my last post, I have...

  • tidied up surfaces
  • bought wooden hangers for uniformity
  • put together, installed, and filled the bookcase
I've done pretty well, but there are still a lot of things to do, get rid of... Every time I turn around I see something else of mine in a different part of the house, and it just exhausts me to try to figure out where to put it so it's not taking up space outside of my room. I am easily discouraged by all those little things. I get so frustrated - I have this idea in my head of what I wish my space could look like... but it's just not possible with all of my belongings, and I don't feel able to part with enough belongings to make it work. And I get so sick of seeing things out of place or seeing my room in a mess and I just want to get organized and do something about it. But either I don't know where to start, or I just am too attached to my things. It's shameful, I know, and that's part of the reason I'm trying to do this challenge, because I realize that I am far too attached to material things. *sigh*

On a different note... I have yet to own my own vehicle. At 25 years of age, and being a country girl... it's past time. But my parents have always been good about letting me use their vehicles, and I do pay for gas when I use them. But my dad mentioned to me months ago that he thought I should maybe start thinking about getting my own vehicle. And I said "Where would I put it?!" (my parents have 2 cars and a minivan, my brother has 2 cars and a Jimmy, plus the carcass of another big vehicle...) and then I was laid off, and then my dad got busy with a big reno project at church... and it just got pushed aside. But I do want one, so we've been looking around recently. I don't really know what I'm doing though, I keep asking for help, but everyone is too busy doing their own things. The vehicles I've been looking at are all manual. My brother's first car was manual and he let me drive a few times, so I know the basics, but it would definitely take some getting used to. Anyway... Hopefully somebody will have some time to help me out before the cars I'm looking at are sold...

I'll see if I can tidy up enough to take some not-embarrassing room photos soon... :)

Day 37 of the 365 Less Things Challenge

{*sigh* Why do I write things and then not post them?}

I know, I keep flipping the words all around. I'm trying to figure out which sounds best... Less 365 Things, 365 Less Things, Less 365 Challenge... I think I'm liking 365 Less Things.

Anyway, I haven't been keeping track of the numbers, because honestly, I've gotten rid of so much stuff. So I'm not counting, and I'm not necessarily taking pictures of everything, but trust me when I say stuff is leaving! I took a few things to my former colleague for her teenage daughter, and since kicking the cleaning up into high gear, I've got another medium-sized box full for her. I sent one box of stuff to my cousin's 3 little girlies, and now I'm working on another bunch. Between my mom and I, we've sent 2 garbage bags of clothes to the store where I worked, and 1 bag to another thrift store nearby. We also sent along some other things, not clothes, to the thrift store and the Women's Centre's free table* and some items for their silent auction in March. I de-stashed my beading supplies and sent a shoebox full to a friend. And I've got a couple piles of books (maybe 25 in all) that I'm getting rid of!! Plus a few DVDs and computer games. I'd like to try to sell those somewhere somehow... And I've got 5 pairs of lightly used shoes I'm trying to sell. So I've been doing well with the purging!

I plowed through and pulled out my old bookcase in order to make room for the new one. It took some thinking to get everything shifted around to fit, and I had to move my desk a few inches, so it's no longer centered in the window (yes, this bothers me a bit!), but it wasn't a big deal. I've also rearranged some things to make better use of the smaller top drawer, so that my dresser top isn't quite so crowded. That helps the room to not feel so cluttered, since it's right beside the door. And I cleared off my desk so there is actually room for a) my sewing machine, b) my laptop (what?!), and c) my greeting cards (who'd'a thought to have those on a desk...)!

I mentioned in my last post about reorganizing in my closet. This involved putting back the clothes I'm keeping, all on one side. On the other side, which has a lower bar, I attached shower rings to the bar to hang my purses on, and I've also got a scarf organizer there. One of my shoe bins is on the floor. Unfortunately I wasn't able to get the 2 bins down to 1, but the other bin is mostly all flip flops and slippers. Maybe I'll have to go through the collection again. I've also got some wrapping paper and a "emergency gift box"** on that side of the closet. I tried to take all of the books out of the shelf between the two sides of the closet, because I had a crazy idea to try to put all my shoes in clear plastic shoe boxes on those shelves... but they wouldn't quite fit, and I couldn't get rid of that many shoes, anyway! So that part is still a mess. The other side of the closet, where my clothes are, has a "hope chest" on the floor, with plastic bins of stuff (yarn, craft projects, cookie cutters) on top. It could be better organized, but it is what it is for now. The 2 overhead shelves are looking good, but still need some work.

I'm not ready to take any more pictures yet, but I just thought I should write an update. I was going really strong the first few weeks, but now I've started slowing down. I guess I'm a bit discouraged because, even though I've gotten rid of so much, I still just have too much stuff, and it gets frustrating.

*Our local Women's Centre has a social enterprise called Boutique Encore, which is a sophisticated second-hand clothing shop. It doesn't look anything like a second-hand shop, and they try to keep name brands. It's mostly all women's clothing, some men's, no children's. The Women's Centre also has a "free table" outside their office where people can drop things off, and others can pick up whatever they need/like for free!

**My mom always had an emergency gift box when we were growing up, full of things for last minute party invites, and I've adopted the habit. It can be very handy for Christmas party gift exchanges, hostess gifts, etc.