Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Wanna know a secret?

Psst! Wanna know a secret?

It's not really a secret, I just wanted your attention. After a long, hard day and some retail therapy, I spent a few moments this afternoon copying the holidays from my school calendar into my day planner, and then I decided to count how many days are left until the end of the course. It's been a bit of a habit of mine since high school to start counting down the days until summer vacation shortly after the first day of school. Not because I'm wishing the time away, just because I like having that goal and a physical number to look forward to. Also, putting a number of days on it helps one to realize how short the time really is! Four months may or may not sound like a good chunk of time, but when you consider how many modules we have left to do, how much work (especially after a day like today), plus a 3 week practical training period... It boils down to just 106 days. In 106 days, this Pastry school journey will have come to an end, and a new chapter will (hopefully) begin!

So what made today difficult? Well, we were working on our wedding cakes again. I still had the middle tier to cover. All the kneading and rolling out yesterday made my arms sore and weak and tired today. After many, many disastrous attempts at rolling out the fondant; adding glycerin by hand, and then by machine, multiple times; getting frustrated almost to the point of tears... I finally got some help from the teacher and he covered the cake for me and left me to smooth it out, which I'm pretty good at. *Phew!*

After getting the last tier covered, there wasn't much else for me to do today other than attempt to make some flowers. So I mixed up a batch of gumpaste and gave it a shot. However, our gumpaste recipe is really dry and crumbly, it doesn't work well for flowers at all. I managed to make two roses, but they are so loose and fragile, I'm afraid they will just crumble when I try to attach them to the cake. So, since we won't be working on the cakes again until next week, I'm going to try to make some different recipes at home and see if I can't find something that works a bit better.

Tomorrow and Friday we get a break from fondant and gumpaste - we'll be working on breads and viennoiseries. We're making croissants! Yum! :) Maybe we'll do something new as well, and maybe I'll remember to take pictures... ;)

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