Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Time Flies

Last week was a really short week because Monday was a catch up day (so I didn't have to go) and Friday we were off for Thanksgiving, then it was the long weekend, which was full, and so I haven't taken the time to sit down to write anything, and I honestly can't remember what was made which day! So in summary...

Wenesday was our pie/tart exam. We had made the dough the day before, and the fillings were prepared a few weeks ago, the exam was really to evaluate our method, and to make sure the crusts were well sealed, presentation, etc. We had to make 1 covered pie and 1 fresh fruit tart. The options for the covered pies were blueberry or strawberry. Most people were taking blueberry, but there was more strawberry so that's what I took, but the strawberry filling has a tendency to overflow for some reason. But the teachers knew this, and said that if we used strawberry and it overflowed it wouldn't count as marks lost (so it was really the better filling to use, no?!). My strawberry pie did overflow, but as promised, it didn't count, and I was able to make a decent presentation on my fresh fruit tart, but I didn't take pictures. I passed the exam, woohoo! We got to leave as soon as we were finished and cleaned up, so I even got home early. And got my MAPAQ certification in the mail! :)

Between Tuesday and Thursday we made a caramel pie (sadly, the recipe was completely messed up so that was a failure), lemon madeleines, a brownie tart (brownie batter baked in the bottom of the tart shell, then a custard-cream mixture, and covered with chocolate glaze), and we had another clean-out-the-fridge day at one point, so I made a lemon cream tart and a pecan tart!

We had a potluck lunch at church on Sunday so I took the pecan tart to that, and it was well received. Sunday night we went to supper at my uncle's house and I look the lemon tart, and it was very well received. And Monday my sister and family came for lunch/supper and we had the New York style cheesecake from last week! It was good, but we didn't eat it all so I sent the rest home with them. :)

This week we've been making crème caramel, eclairs and cream puffs! Will post pics the end of the week. :)

Brownie tart

And again...

Lemon cream



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