Thursday, October 31, 2013


Things have been totally crazy and busy lately!! I'm not even sure why. Monday was a planning day so we had a long weekend, and nothing was happening at home, so I'm really not sure where the time has gone, but it has! Yesterday was an Open House at school, and I was running the counter with another girl, so that's really all I did all day. It was a big day, but because that's all I did, it seemed like it went by quickly (thankfully). But today, we had to play catch up to do what everyone else did yesterday as well as today's projects. Ooof.

So between last week and this week so far, here's what we've made that I've taken pictures of... Millefeuille (flaky pastry layered with custard and chantilly cream with fondant on top, cut into individual pieces); date squares (nothing fancy, but it's a traditional dessert and people love them, and not everyone has made them before, so...); amandines aux pommes (apple tartlets... the same as the big ones we made before); another birthday cake (this was a practice run for our exam, just to make sure we know what to do and how to do it... I messed up the gel decoration again, but up to that point, it was perfect - I mean check out those roses!); Sacher (a very dense chocolate cake made with almond paste, with an apricot jam between the layers, then covered with chocolate ganache); another Black Forest (my only mistake was not draining my cherries enough, so they ran onto the cream a bit); then some Halloween cupcakes for the Open House (the pumpkin shaped ones were 2 mini cupcakes stacked together with butter cream, then covered with almond paste, the rest we could decorate however we wanted); and we also carved pumpkins to decorate for the Open House. We were supposed to try to depict the 9 programs offered at our pavillion, and the rest could be whatever we wanted, so I did the school logo and it turned out pretty great.

Today was a crappy day, having to run around to catch up on yesterday's work as well as today's, and I didn't feel well, so I was doubly discouraged, and wasn't very proud of the work I did manage to complete (which I don't have pictures of)... So here's hoping for a better tomorrow.


Date squares

Amandines aux pommes

Birthday cake (take 2)

My beautiful butter cream roses :)

Sacher - I didn't let the ganache set enough before writing on the top

Black Forest

Halloween cupcakes (the green ones are mine)

Pumpkin cupcakes

My carved pumpkin... For some reason my computer refuses to turn this picture...

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