Thursday, August 29, 2013

New Beginnings

*Phew* The first day is done!

It wasn't too bad. I got stuck in traffic on the highway on the way in, so I was a few minutes late - of course! But it wasn't a big deal. The rest of the drive was fine and I had no problem finding a parking space, and the class hadn't really started anything yet when I got there, so everything was good!

We are a class of 22 women, ranging in age from 17 to... I'm not sure what, but most likely under 35 [make that 45...]. Some married, some mothers, some bilingual, and some who have finished the Cooking course and are now taking Pastry. There's a lady from Morocco, and a lady from Korea (can't remember if it was North or South...), and one girl who is half Egyptian, so it's an interesting little blend of people!

Today basically consisted of verifying contact information, receiving supplies, paying fees, and just getting to know each other, the rules and layout of the school, and going over course material. The first module is called M├ętier et formation, which is basically just an introduction to the industry. We have to visit some bakeries/restaurants and ask questions in order to fill out a worksheet, and then present our findings to the class. We'll be going in groups of 4 or 5 over the next couple of afternoons.

And that's about it! It's too soon to tell if there's any really good friendship material there, but everyone seems nice. I spent most of lunch and afternoon break with a handful of girls who seem to be of the same mindset as myself, so there's potential!

All in all, it was a pretty good first day! The French wasn't too bad, but I definitely had a headache before the afternoon was over, and I'm glad to be home. Until next time!

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