Thursday, June 25, 2015

La Ronde

I finally met a lifetime goal, and crossed off my first 30 Before 30 list item... I went to La Ronde!

La Ronde is a Six Flags amusement park in Montreal that many schools send end of the year class trips to. For whatever reason, my class never went or I was never able to attend the trip. My cousin has lived in Montreal for years, and has invited me to go on several occasions, but again, it just never worked out before.

But finally, this year, things happened! My cousin and her boyfriend had season passes to La Ronde (which is a really great deal, if anyone is interested for next year), and coupons for friends which were to expire the end of June. And because June 24 is Quebec's national holiday and everyone has the day off work, my brother and I were invited to go spend the day with our cousin and her boyfriend and little girl at La Ronde!

Because we had a two-year-old with us, we spent the first part of the day around the kid-friendly zones and rides: splash pads, a carousel, a tower that gives you a view of the park and skylines, a train around the park, and a fun little boat ride. After lunch, my cousin took her daughter home so she could have a nap, and we could go on the big kid rides. ;) We went on the Ferris wheel first, which was a bit disappointing. I expect a Ferris wheel to fill up and then make a few full turns before starting to disembark - not so with this wheel. :/

Then we got in line for The Monster, which is, according to Wikipedia, the largest wooden roller coaster in Canada, and the tallest two-track roller coaster in the world. The attendant at the entry told us that it would be an hour wait for either track. I made the executive decision that if it was the only other ride we got to go on that day, it would be worth it, so we decided to stand in line for an hour. An hour and a half later, the rain started, which made it too dangerous to keep the ride going, so they had to shut it down. A lot of people ahead of us left the line, but we said, "We've waited this long, we might as well stay." Then the rain stopped and everyone cheered! But, then we had to wait for the tracks to dry off. More people left. Finally, after 2.5 hours standing in line, the ride was up and running once again! And we were able to work it out so that Reuben and I sat in the first car!

What. A. Rush!

I don't know how long the actual ride is, but I have to say, I think it was worth the two and half hour wait. Being in the first car like that, you really experience every drop and twist. I haven't been on many roller coasters, and I've never been in the first car, so I guess I don't have much to compare it to, but it was awesome. We're hoping to maybe go back again before the end of the season - there's another roller coaster I'd like to try out (The Goliath), and I'd give The Monster another go!

After the long wait and exhilarating ride, it was pretty late. But there was one ride that my brother and cousin's boyfriend thought they wanted to try and the line wasn't long, so I waited and watched them on The Demon, and then we headed back to their apartment for some pizza before making the two hour trek back home!

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