Tuesday, December 11, 2012

New Direction?

So... I got laid off a few weeks ago. Kind of a shock, but not really. I've been expecting it to happen for ages, so that part wasn't a shock. The shock came when everybody had gone out for lunch together for a coworkers' birthday, had a lovely time, and then we get back and my boss tells me I'm being laid off, effective immediately.

So, I've been home for 3 weeks, this is the 4th. I got to experience the joy of navigating Canada's Employment Insurance program. What a farce. I definitely appreciate the service it offers to workers, don't get me wrong! The principle of it is wonderful. How it actually works out is ridiculous. Their website is a joke. It's impossible to find anything, and you just end up going around and around in circles. Very frustrating. And it's next to impossible to get through on the phone. Doesn't matter what time of day or what day of the week, just about every time I call, I can't get thru at all, or else it's a 45 minute wait. And the automated phone system doesn't answer questions any better than the website. The people I talk to are pleasant enough, when I finally get to talk to somebody, but the whole process has not been a pleasant experience for me. Anyway, I guess it's just another of life's experiences, but one I'd rather not have to deal with for much longer or ever again. I guess once everything with the claim gets finalized and straightened out it's not so bad, but ...

In any case... So what have I been doing with my time at home? Well... not much, unfortunately. I'm a bit disappointed in myself, I had grand ideas of whipping up all kinds of crafty projects and baking and whatnot. In reality, I have read 3 books, made 3 small sewing projects (1 a definite failure, and the others were nothing great), started and (kind of) stuck with the C25K program... and that's about it.

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